Sunday, 31 October 2010

No 6 Sloop Irlam

Samuel Walters is famous for this paintings of 19th Century ships, including No 6 Sloop named after our town 'Irlam'.  The vessel was built in 1831, but was wrecked in 1852 after running around near Warren Point in Northern Ireland.  Would be good to see some way of commemorating Irlam's maritime heritage, perhaps some postcards. The painting itself is held by the Merseyside Maritime Museum.

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descendant of Thorley Lester said...

---Pilot Sloop No 6 'Irlam' was owned by Master Pilot Thorley Lester, who lived in Irlam Cottage, Liscard, Wallasey (then Cheshire). Not sure of any link to the town of Irlam?

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