Sunday, 31 October 2010

Incinerator fears

I came across this really sad letter in the Messenger (see link below) of someone describing the long term health impacts of working in industry, which led to the early death of her husband who had worked for many years at Irlam Steel. The letter has been written to express concerns about Biomass Incinerators and the potential risk to health posed by such installations.  Peel Holdings are planning such a facility at Davyhulme near Barton Bridge. At one level these installations provide a source of renewable energy - an attractive proposition to politicians seeking support on a green ticket. However, there are many concerns about the efficiency and health impacts of biomass incinerators. The emissions from this plant are likely to spread over a large populated area including Irlam and Cadishead.

Air pollution does not respect local authority boundaries, so this proposal which is being considered by Trafford Council, is as much of a concern for Salford residents.  And when you start to look at evidence from around the world,we perhaps should be concerned as this quote from Oregon suggests:

"Burning biomass is ... a dirty air problem. Even with air pollution controls, these plants will collectively pump ton after ton of toxins into the air every day -- chemicals that will rain down on the neighborhoods closest to the plant. A number of professional medical societies are warning the public that breathing sooty emissions from biomass incinerators is known as the most dangerous form of pollution and a significant health risk. The Oregon Chapter of the American Lung Association is predicting that patients, particularly children with asthma, respiratory and cardiac ailments, will experience increases in the incidence of respiratory problems. These diseases can be worsened by small micro pollutants, the type of pollution that will increase with the proliferation of biomass plants in Oregon" (Oregon Live, 2010).
Contact your local councillor!



StroppyBoppy said...

Thank you for highlighting this issue. Peel are a disgrace for even considering this proposal. The people of Irlam and Cadishead will most certainly be affected by this incinerator - IF it goes ahead. Incineration has been banned in other more enlightened countries - the powers that be in the UK are more concerned with finances than health. Biomass incineration is not environmentally friendly - loads about it on the internet. Peel have already admitted they will be burning plastics and solid recovered fuels - very toxic when burned. With their devious track record they cannot be trusted to put health before greed.

Steve M said...

Cheers for your comments, I totally agree. We have been here before, with Peel playing one local authority off against another. As far as I know Salford residents haven't been consulted in any reasonable shape or form. So much for Big Society.

StroppyBoppy said...

Hi Steve, what did you mean about Peel playing one local authority off against another?
If you look on google earth at the proposed site, Salford residents are just as close as the Urmston residents. We could do with getting some of the Salford Councillors on board.

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