Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Irlam, Congestion and Shopping

Apparently we won't have to pay to go shopping at the Trafford Centre. Is this some sort of plan to completely destroy the city centre.
Irlam Lil asks about travel to the Trafford Centre.

SHB Response: Irlam Lil will not have to pay to travel to the Trafford Centre from Irlam if she remains within the outer ring, if she travels to the Trafford Centre via the M60 and then exits towards the city centre during peak times (7am -9.30am) she would face a £2 charge – though I believe the Trafford Centre does not open to the public until 10am so she should be able to avoid this charge also.

Exclusive: Sir Howard Bernstein talks Congestion Charging
Sir Howard Bernstein replies directly to your questions about the Transport Innovation Fund bid
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