Friday, 11 July 2008

Carphone Warehouse in deal with JDSU

The California based JDS Uniphase Corporation has signed a deal to provide maintenance support for Irlam based Carphone Warehouse, embedding Irlam into another global corporate network.

JDSU employ around 7000 people and currently have manufacturing operations in Bloomfield (CT), Commerce, San Jose and Santa Rose (CA), Ottowa (Canada), Beijing and Shenzen (China - making a whole bunch of stuff I've never heard of including dispersion compensation modules, lithium niobate modulators (surely this is the title of the next Fall album), wavelength lockers, coaxially packaged photodetectors and PIN-TIAs and lasers (cool!). The company offers Photonic Power as a customer service...

The history of the company is difficult to trace - following numerous mergers and acquisitions, but the they seem to have their roots in Canada dating from the early 1990s.

Source: Carphone Warehouse in deal with JDSU

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