Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Relocation Relocation Relocation

The Morson Group was established in 1969 and currently comprises of two companies Morson International and Morson Projects, based in Eccles and Irlam respectively.

Morson are best described as a specialist producer service, providing engineering consultancy in areas such as aerospace, power generation (including nuclear), telecommunications, transport and utilities.

Their Post-Fordist credentials are perhaps best summed by the Group's key aim which is to "focus .. on the future and the genuine competitive advantages delivered to our clients through innovation-enabled, flexible solutions". However, this is a big company with 8,900 "white-collar engineers", although they only direct employ some 500 staff. That said Morson are a family business, controlled by Gerry Mason.

The Group plans to construct a new headquarters in Eccles and relocate both its company operations on to one site by 2010, which will mean jobs been shifted from Irlam to the new £10m 55,000 sq ft building. The company currently occupies the stylishly renovated Darwen House - one of few remnants left after the demolition of the Co-Ops Margarine Works.

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