Monday, 23 July 2007

Fairhills Point Estate Agent Spin

"Fairhills Point is in the metropolitan borough of Salford, on the north bank of the River Irwell. Fairhills Road, which is adjacent to the development, leads to Irlam’s main shopping complex which offers everything from butchers and grocers to large retail units and superstores".

Fantastic spin, the main shopping complex being the 24hr Tesco Extra and Lidl, as most local food shops have closed since Tesco came to town in the 1970s. However, what is intriguing is the target group for the Fairhills housing development, air hostesses!

"With its close proximity to Manchester International Airport and competitively priced new houses and apartments, it is no surprise that Charles Church’s Fairhills Point development in Irlam has already become a favourite with airport staff".

Irlam is only 9 miles from the airport, and can be reached within 2omins by car, if the M60 is not at a standstill. I guess £130,000 grand for a decent size size/apartment is still well below national averages and a 24hr superstore around the corner must appeal to people who work unusual shifts. I wonder what cultural facilities could be provided for Irlam's new cosmopolitan jet setters?

Source: Manchester Property News | Closer than close - Charles Church at Fairhills Point in Irlam

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