Thursday, 10 May 2007

Winemakers raise a glass to Aquamatic

Another local success story, with Irlam based Aquamatic, a SME formed in 1991, celebrating international sales. Aquamatic manufacture portable and stationary waste water sampling systems, which allows other companies which use water as a key production input (such as winemakers or nuclear energy) to quickly and cheaply test water quality for pollutants (important if you drink wine and go swimming near Sellafield). This news story also illustrates another intersection between Irlam and global, siutating local manufacturing within a complex of international production relations despite the company itself employing only 10 people. With Irlam also home to the UK's largest independent importers of wine (Kingsland), is there possibility for a alchohol technology industrial cluster to emerge within Irlam? I guess a lot of people are thinking that at this precise moment.

Source: Winemakers raise a glass to Aquamatic - Business - News - Manchester Evening News

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