Thursday, 28 April 2011

Local election news

Good and bad news when reviewing the list of local candidates for the up and coming local elections in the Cadishead and Irlam wards. One positive is the presence of a Green Party candidate on the ballot sheet in Irlam. Residents concerned about the environmental impacts of peat extraction, methane gas extraction, housing development, warehouse development and port development + the proposed biomass generator at Barton - all within or close to the Green Belt separating Irlam from Eccles, perhaps should give due consideration to this candidate, or at the very least ask their preferred candidates what are bloody hell they are going to do about the potential environmental decimation of Irlam - and the impacts that will have on traffic, pollution, global warming, your health, your children's health - and if anything - your house prices. If you are not concerned by any of the above then perhaps I should also throw into the mix the development of heavy freight traffic and a long term proposal to expand Barton Aerodrome (nee City of Manchester Airport) into the conurbations second major commercial airport. Rant over.

Of equal concern, however, is the presence of a BNP candidate on the ballot sheet for Cadishead. There is no room in mainstream politics for right wing extremists, who if they ever got into power, would takeaway mine and your right to criticise them on blogs like this. My grandad fought against the Nazis in 1945 - and was wounded in battle on D-Day. His brother, a brave paratrooper, flew in the night before the landings to take a vital bridge, but never returned. My grandmother chucked fruit at Oswald Moseley in Manchester in 1930s and at his reprehensible blackshirts. My grandparent's generation were not prepared to see a Fascist flag planted on British soil and neither am I, and neither should you. These people are racist scum, in a party lead by an idiot, and populated by criminal thugs. A vote for them, isn't a protest, its a waste. You might also want to think about brave British troops supporting the resistance in Libya. I wonder what Nick Griffin thinks about this conflict, having flown to the country at Gadaffi's expense to seek financial support from this evil monster.

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