Thursday, 27 January 2011

The dream has gone but the Daisy is real

Talk Talk, the company which provided the telecommunications infrastructure for Carphone Warehouse provides one those nice capitalism stories.   The brainchild of a local entrepreneur, the decision to locate in Irlam was driven less by logistics and more by a passion to give something back to the community, by providing investment and jobs.  Unfortunately Talk Talk's relationship with Carphone Warehouse went sour and they seperated last year leaving several hundred employees in Irlam and Warrington concerned about their futures.  Unfortunately their worst fears have been realised with today's decision to axe about 600 posts - around 13% of the workforce.  The expanding Daisy Group, based in Nelson, has offered to take on about 70 staff, but this is a major blow to the local economy.  So much for Con-Dem prediction that the private sector will soak up lost public sector jobs.

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