Monday, 1 March 2010

For Peat's Sake

The continuing story of the destruction of Chat Moss is covered here in an interesting article in the Salford Star. It is now clear that 100acres of open land is at risk from development and peat extraction. I'm not an expert on peat extraction, but I know several people who are, who tell me any form of peat disturbance creates a significant contribution to Green House Gases. Peat takes 1000s of years to form - and is an essential store of carbon that otherwise would be floating around the atmosphere. As this research from Canada shows - any restoration will take 100s of years to replace the carbon lost - nevermind the impact on biodiversity and the negative visual impact on the landscape.

The devouring of the Moss, however, is not beginning to attract political interest from all sides. The Cons have been to quick capitalise on local votes in the run to both local and national elections, whereas Labour seem to putting out mixed messages - Salford is a Labour run council afterall - in control of the planning authority allowing these development to take place in the first place. Other than a band of committed local people the green movement is largely absent from the ongoing debate. Perhaps we should give them a call.

Source: SALFORD MOON WALK - Salford Star - with attitude & love xxx

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