Thursday, 23 July 2009

Oldest city line to go electric

The world's oldest inter-city railway line passes just north of Irlam and Cadishead across the enchanted Chat Moss. In a typical example British planning its only taken 150 years to modernise a line which connects two of Britain's largest cities. Of course this line was scheduled for improvement in the 1970s until Thatch got into power. Now Britain has a public transport to match any found in the Third World (apart from India, where rail transport is vastly superior). The decision comes shortly after Peel's successful planning application to construct a spur from the line to handle freight traffic heading to their planned port facility at Barton.The benefits to the town however will be minimal, other than slightly reduced noise and pollution across the Moss. The proposal to reopen the old Altrincham/Wigan line and the defunct Cadishead station, a victim of the Beeching Report, seem to have disappeared into a black hole of other infrastructure improvements proposed for the area.

Source: BBC NEWS | England | Oldest city line to go electric

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