Thursday, 29 May 2008

Franzen Comes Alive

The local election fall out continues with the sinister Community Action Party now facing a legal challenge from Labour regarding "You Tube slurs", which could breach the rules and regulations regarding the electoral process. I noticed that during the local election campaign both Labour and the CAP used You Tube to deliver electoral messages. This is an interesting development, because it is unregulated. Broadcast election messages are carefully monitored and there are strict rules regarding bias and content. This doesn't apply to You Tube. Although I can't imagine that many people tuned into the Interweb to view the CAP's antics, apart from sad geeky bloggers like myself who are trying to maintain an objective eye on what has been an interesting local election, albeit one which reeks with the stench of dirty tactics - especially following the discomfort about Peel Holdings 'market research' in the locality over the proposed Congestion Charge. I am not a big supporter of the Charge, but I am now hoping it goes through if only to piss off the Little Napoleons intent on disrupting the democratic process in Salford.

Source: Police probe YouTube `slur' - News - Manchester Evening News

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