Thursday, 24 April 2008

Multisol sold to management team

Multisol are a profitable Nantwich based chemical distribution company who have been subject to a management buy-out, with a sales office and chemical facilities based on Irlam's Northbank Industrial Estate and at Immingham.

Such companies provide excellent examples of contemporary business organisation. For instance, the company appears to be vertically disintegrated, operates within a niche market, has spatially separated internal functions to different locations, and operates within international markets.

Multisol, for example, have operations in the UK, France, Spain and South Africa serving markets in Europe, the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa.

According to their website, Multisol distribute: "specialty solvents, chemicals and lubricant additives, as well as providing in-house facilities to blend, toll manufacture and package custom formulations" although I'm not sure what the latter means.

The North West of England remains a key location for chemical production and distribution and a network of specialist producer services, such as Multisol, have emerged to support this industry.

The Irlam site has bulk storage facilities for 2,000,000 litres with capacity to handle a further 450,000 litres of viscous materials. Irlam also possess "Blending capacity" including solvents, emulsions and viscous products and "Blending facilities" which includes a Silverson disintegrator equipment for toll polymer dispersions (basically a big paint mixing machine designed by an American company). Irlam also possesses an on-site laboratory.

Source: Multisol sold to management team - Crain's Manchester Business: "Multisol"

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