Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Global migration

Strange machinations going on in the global economy. With labour from the accession states now free to move around the EU, you would think that right-wing Neoliberal apologists everywhere would be celebrating the free and unmitigated movement of workers across geographical space as surely this is how capitalism and markets are supposed to work. From a business perspective, if a bunch of guys turn up at the factory gates and say they can do so the same work as your employees but for less money - then bingo! Sack the workers you already have (which is now relatively easy due to the erosion of worker's rights in this country) and hire the cheap labour - equals bigger profits! The sacked workers should, as according to one particular bigoted old Tory, 'Get on their bikes!, like what his father did in the Great Depression.

So why is it the same right-wing Neoliberal apologists, also bang on about immigration and the erosion the rights of British workers in Europe? I wish they'd make their bloody mind up!

I think the New Labour solution should be to introduce new legislation forbidding Polish migrants to ride bicycles.

If only we had a strong Union movement eh! The next thing the government will be doing is nationalising failing business in the 'public interest'. Now where's my mortgage statement from Northern Rock?

Source: Workers replaced by Poles get £25,000 settlement - Crain's Manchester Business

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