Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Robot firm boss quits

Robot Technology Systems (RTS) is located on the Northbank Industrial Estate, the site of the former Irlam Steelworks, regenerated by the Tory quango Trafford Park Development Corporation. RTS has two divisions, one manufacturing flexible automated production systems, and the other involved in 'Life Sciences'. In addition to the Irlam HQ, RTS has offices on both coasts of the USA.RTS is centrally placed within the unfurling post-fordist regime of accumulation. It is essentially a SME, created in May 2006, following a process of horizontal disintegration (or demerger) from the rather sinisterly named International Nuclear Solutions (INS) - surely coming to copy of Private Eye soon this one. It also manufactures the kind of flexible technologies used in post-foridst production - namely integrated, automated, roboticised and computerised manufacturing systems. In other words it mainly helps other companies pack food. Interestingly though it makes robots for the military - Irlam's very own version of robocop perhaps. The Life Sciences division produces technology for laboratories and the pharmacuticals industries.The demerger however appears now to be going well. RTS has a healthy turnover of £50-60m per annum, but has experienced significant losses over recent years. Hopefully this will not affect the company's 300 strong Irlam workforce.

Source: Robot firm boss quits - Business - News - Manchester Evening News

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